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It’s a 10-Minute Ride to the Holiday Inn. . .

Part 3 in the family odyssey out west series in which we go back to the thrilling days of yesteryear before exits with seven different chain motels offering you morning breakfast existed. Before anything resembling Embassy Suites or Comfort Inn. … Continue reading

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Why Men Die Younger

Since a good deal of this blog will be about mental illness (with a specific focus on men), I look for articles that broach the subject. So we’ll interrupt the Family Vacation Saga for an article from a magazine I … Continue reading

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Where the Wild Things Are

“A little to the right. . .perfect!” (part 2 of a series, see part one here: Every Picture Tells a Story) OK, this photo was taken a little before 1970 but in the same general era. And that’s not my … Continue reading

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Every Picture Tells a Story

Look up. Look wayyy up. That’s me on the tortoise. So (early) seventies. Kevin Arnold had nothing on me. Look at those groovy plaid pants. Looked fine to me back then, but I was seven-years-old and about to enter a … Continue reading

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