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Up on the Roof

Just don’t sniff the sewer vent On the roof it’s peaceful as can beAnd there the world below can’t bother me I probably shouldn’t have done it, but I did it. And I don’t regret it. One fine summer day, … Continue reading

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Falling off the table

It’s Sunday morning – my favorite morning of the week. Two newspapers, online news, Sunday Baroque on the radio. Coffee. Pie. An extended night’s sleep. Well, that’s the way it starts. Nice and slow. No reason to feel bad at … Continue reading

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A Month of Mental Health, An Eternity of Suicide

There seems to be a lot of chatter on the Interwebs today about suicide, quite possibly an offshoot of Mental Health Awareness Month or whatever they’re calling it this year.  Have I written lately about how cynical I am about … Continue reading

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The Touching Story of a Child and His Shotgun

A month after I turned 13, my father gave me a shotgun as a Christmas present. It was, and remains, a youth model Winchester single-shot 20-gauge. Perfect home defense weapon if you use it like a club It was not … Continue reading

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One of those days. . .

To all of you, dear readers, who deal with depression and any of the myriad of mental illnesses that make you wish (sometimes) that you hadn’t woke up some morning? By the way, don’t say that (‘I wish I hadn’t … Continue reading

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. . . by a thousand cuts

I’ve seen a lot of photos of people cutting themselves, although I’ve never met anyone in person who cuts – but then again, how would I know? I have wondered why people do this. From my reading, in most, cases, … Continue reading

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I’ll admit it. I slept with a Cleveland Browns football.  It was one of those mechanically signed cheap footballs where the older it got, the more the pebble cover flaked off. Dad got it for me in 1969 so it … Continue reading

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