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Nobody move and no one gets hurt

It was 1994. I was 32. My first marriage was already starting to crumble from the strains of navigating the unchartered waters of a diagnosis of autism, ennui and my own mental condition.  You can always say – if I … Continue reading

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True confession of a paperclip destroyer or 43 years of shame

A new class period was starting but we could all tell from the look on Sister Mary Helen Louise’s face that something was seriously wrong.  That face meant business. It was an angry face. It was the kind of face … Continue reading

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Too many voices, not enough attention paid

If you’re in the right demographic, The Mighty might publish them There are many websites asking for first-person accounts of mental illness – quirky stories, self-help methods, recovery, etc. I’ve submitted to a few of them and been greeted with … Continue reading

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Once In A Lifetime. . .

Sid holds the Cup aloft during the Victory Parade in downtown Pittsburgh 6/15/16 photo by Mary Gottschalk I think I may have mentioned growing up in Cleveland. Where nothing like this has happened in my lifetime and probably never will. … Continue reading

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So here comes some decent advice from Psychology Today. How To Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success Consider the case of Keith George: George is always on a diet. He says his goal is to lose 20 pounds. He goes for … Continue reading

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Caloric Shame

or, my wife is going to kill me for this, or, this is why I will always be fat, What you see here started out with good intentions. That container on the left was filled with an organic salad that … Continue reading

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No Victim

Read into it what you will My therapist struck a nerve today. I wasn’t upset with her, really. She was trying to help. But she hit one of my buttons. She asked “how much of your problem is that you … Continue reading

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