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433 a.m.

It’s happening again. 3 a.m. get up. Anxiety attack. Take an Ativan. Try and sleep. Play soft music on the headphones. Worry about how my hepatologist will shame me for weight gain. In October. Shake. Worry some more. Look at … Continue reading

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Buying Underwear by Mail

Thank God (or whoever you thank) for Amazon. The best thing that ever happened to the socially anxious In fact, I would say, people with mental conditions everywhere probably breathe a sigh of relieve when they realize that they don’t … Continue reading

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Seven things I no longer give a damn about now that I’m middle aged.

Yes, it’s been eight days. I’ve been busy. The muse has been hard to catch. You know, I got nothin’ But inspiration came from this Huffington Post article in the, um, ‘FIfty’ section (which I’m allowed to read because I’m … Continue reading

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Post No Bull

I spent a good deal of time writing a new post that would have appeared here about. . . now. It was an experimental post that encouraged you, dear reader, to find me disgusting. Sort of a George Constanza reverse … Continue reading

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The Guy In The Car

So you’re wondering about the guy in the car? The guy in the car bought it a little over a year ago because he always wanted one. His parents never bought him one like some kids at school. He knew … Continue reading

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American Skin

I feel that in light of last night’s tragedy, this post needs a disclaimer. I wrote this yesterday before the tragic events in Dallas last night. I still think there is something worth saying here. But I want to state … Continue reading

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It doesn’t grow on trees . . .it comes from the loan arranger (where’s Tonto?)

Around 25 years ago, I had a therapist call my parents something along the lines of ‘double-dealing cheap, four flushers.’ I was quite upset with her for that and mounted a backhanded defense of my parents.  Sure they let money … Continue reading

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