Suicidal Ideation? Keep your mouth shut!

I’ve just read something that has made me so mad, I’ve actually gotten chest pains and shortness of breath.

A University Is Threatening to Punish Students Who Discuss Their Suicidal Thoughts With Friends

The school is Northern Michigan University. The student was raped and was seeking help from the university. She could do so under one condition:
“You can use any of the resources listed below without worry. Second, Engaging [sic] in any discussion of suicidal or self-destructive thoughts or actions with other students interferes with, or can hinder, their pursuit of education and community. It is important that you refrain from discussing these issues with other students and use the appropriate resources listed below. If you involve other students in suicidal or self-destructive thoughts or actions you will face disciplinary action. My hope is that, knowing exactly what could result in discipline, you can avoid putting yourself in that position”
The shithead fronting this policy is the Assistant Dean of Students, Mary Brundage.
This is her:

Mary Brundage

Associate Dean of Students
Mary has a bachelor of science degree in communication disorders and a master of public administration degree, both from Northern Michigan University. She worked at NMU for three years as a resident director. Mary worked at Western Michigan University as student employment coordinator, assistant director of career and student employment services and assistant director of residence life for student conduct.

I wonder, really wonder, if Ms. Brundage or a daughter of hers was a victim of campus rape whether she would agree with policy she’s apparently sworn to defend? Or maybe the policy is just for ‘other people’s children.’

We tell people to TALK about when they’re feeling suicidal, so a caring person can get them help.

Do that at NMU and you may have your butt thrown out of the University.

Do that at my employer, VA Pittsburgh, and you could have a SWAT team at your door ready to kill you.

Often TALKING about one’s feelings with trusted people helps the afflicted work out the issues with a person who cares and really listens. It can make all the difference in the world.

But not at NMU or VA Pittsburgh where your ‘trusted friends’ run to report you to their local Gestapo.

I can’t tell you just how angry I am right now. We say, we say, we say, ad nauseum, how much we care. Hell, we even have a WHOLE MONTH dedicated to Suicide Prevention.

BUT – more often than not, people who express suicidal ideation – in any form – are PUNISHED, shamed or worse. Because as a society, the dirty little secret is we really don’t care. We LOVE punishing people in American society. Hell just take a look at what our sainted government is doing to Chelsea Manning (remember: we don’t torture – GOT THAT?!). And this is under the sainted Obama, Think it will change with Hillary or Trump? They’ve got money to make, people to see, not time to worry about the losers.

They don’t want Chelsea to commit suicide, even though it would ‘save the taxpayers money.’ They haven’t finished gleefully torturing her yet for whatever jollies these sadists are getting.

I’m just too angry to keep writing now. I’m hyperventilating and this is not good for me.

What the hell kind of society do we live in anyway? Pro-life? Please. 

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