One Cup, Two Americas

It has come to this.

Story link:

Daily Mail: ‘Coffee should not come with political brainwashing!’ Anger at Starbucks over green ‘unity’ cups that coincide with the election as customers demand traditional holiday designs

Bring us together. . . no, go fuck yourself

At first they thought the nifty green cups were replacing the traditional Starbucks holiday Christmas cups, so the usual suspects were outraged.

Then they thought it was some kind of leftist brainwashing so the usual suspects were outraged again.

All one: The imagery was created by artist Shogo Ota, pictured, in a design intended to communicate ‘shared humanity and connection’

It’s just a cup with a nice message. Just a freakin’ innocent coffee cup.

‘Radio Anna’ from Detroit, who has changed her Twitter name to ‘#ScrewStarbucks’, wrote: ‘Screw you. ‘My coffee should not (and does not) come with political brainwashing. I dropped Starbucks like a hot rock.’

‘Jerzeee4Trump’ said: ‘Starbucks nope. Stay out of politics. Haven’t had your products since your CEO supported crooked Hillary publicly.’

Archie Bunker, a bar owner and cab driver from Queens, New York, added: ‘Stop pushing your liberal b******t and sell coffee. Lifelong customer becoming disgusted with the forced agenda #HolidayCupsNow’.

What have we become?

This would have NEVER happened when I was kid. It probably wouldn’t have happened 20 years ago – people would have collected them.

I’ve said this before – we seem to be a nation on the verge of tearing each other to shreds over stupid crap. You can’t even share a kind word with each other without being politically and socially vetted. More of us are just keeping our mouths shut, locking our doors and staying inside. Out there be dragons in human form.

We have seen the enemy, and it is a coffee cup.

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