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Requiem: Amy Bleuel

Amy I suppose I should write something about the death of Amy Bleuel, the founder of Project Semicolon. Amy committed suicide. It saddened me greatly, but did not surprise me. There is a dirty little secret in the depression/bipolar community … Continue reading

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Notes from the Schlub

Ah, a book I need What do you do when you think your life is somewhat on borrowed time? The WaPo reports this morning that Jared Kushner is being give wide powers to restructure the Federal government with their first … Continue reading

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Spoon issues

Spoon theory, for the uninitiated, is a way for people with a host of behavioral issues to explain how they deal with stress. You are given a certain amount of spoons every day from the great spoon-giver. Each spoon represents … Continue reading

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Touched by Fire

Carla (Katie Holmes) and Marco (Luke Kirby), prepare to be taken to their home planet. No, I’m not kidding So, I watched the movie ‘Touched by Fire’ yesterday, by myself, while my wife was out shopping. Well, about 2/3rds of … Continue reading

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