My Story in ‘My Life and Mental Illness’

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I’d like to thank Maria for including my story in her blog. I am one of many people who are telling their stories in the fight against the stigma surrounding mental illness. These stories show that we’re your friends, co-workers, family and people you meet everyday.

May, by the way, is Mental Health Month. Follow that link to find out all about what’s being done to raise awareness and fight stigma. Also, a major point is that awareness is not enough – services have to be available and affordable or society will continue to pay the price.

I recently found out that in parts of rural America there may be one psychiatrist or psychologist for an area containing 50,000 people? And even if people find a mental health professional nearby, many times they don’t have insurance – you know the drill.

In a way, mental illness touches everyone – probably someone you know. Like any other illness, it is treatable and people do recover and are productive members of society.

I am very lucky to have such a supportive wife and Facebook friends that put up with my screeds. Many people don’t have such a support system and that’s what this month is really all about.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes and read these stories and look at some of the materials linked above.

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