OK, So I Lied

I’ve bliar-pinokio-621x325een nicely strong-armed back to a blogging group on Facebook in which we work to increase each other’s blog awareness.

I’ve never been a part of such an effort but the people who run it, run it like schoolteachers. To wit: you get an assignment every Monday to link a FB post to this FB page. Then other members read and comment and like and well, I’m still trying to grasp it completely, but I thought it would push me in a more positive direction and keep me writing.

They are strict – do the assignments, don’t fake it, or you’re kicked out.

Writing is hard work. For me, it used to be a breeze but depression knocks the winds from your sails in many ways, especially bipolar depression and my traveling companion, anxiety. So it’s very tough for me to write regularly – the muse comes in spurts. Heh heh (forever 12).

Anyway, I had a great time in New York City but when I came home I crashed very hard and am still not in a good place. The sick reason is that I was having so much fun I completely put work and all other troubles out of my mind.

You may think that’s a good thing – but the way my mind works, when I came back on Wednesday, the shock of going back to work was too much. You see, when I worry, I’m prepared. Yes, I count the hours until I get back to work but it prepares me mentally for whatever may happen.

To forget my troubles for four days invites a sort of mental illness tsunami in which ALL of the worries come back at once. It’s easier for me to deal with them continuously. As a consequence, I told my wife we’ll probably not take a vacation like this for a long time.

Yeah, it sucks big time.

In addition since coming back, I’ve been having heightened anxiety and work flashback which have really thrown me for a loop since I haven’t experienced those in many months. I see my shrink on Wednesday and we need to talk about this. The Ativan isn’t working like it should – I’m taking more – and I feel like I’m on the verge.

Being ‘on the verge’ is not a good place to be, believe me. I even departed FB for the weekend because I realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was harming me. How? When I get really angry, anxious, worried or lonely, I post things that I should not – I’m trolling for attention and I become one of those people I dislike on FB. It also feeds a bad spiral that causes me to become more depressed, anxious and mad and post more.

I think it’s therapy – it’s not. It’s coming apart in front of a small audience of friends, many of whom do not know how to take it, And I’m putting those friends in an uncomfortable situation. Facebook is a drug – it can be good or bad but when I’m in a serious state it’s a bad drug.

Twitter seems different but that’s because I try to avoid getting into flame wars and only deal with people in my interest circles. Yes, it’s an echo chamber (so is FB) but people like me can’t, and I really need to stress this, can’t let their emotions drag them into something they regret. And when my emotions are on a hair-trigger, that is not a good thing to exhibit on a forum more public than Facebook.

I recently finished binge watching ’13 Reasons Why’ which will be the subject of another blog post.

PS: I told you all that my writing would reflect the mood I was in on a particular day and I wasn’t kidding.

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