Mania Alert! Stop Me Before I Create Again!

Well, this is one of THOSE days.

No, not one of those days I wished I’d stayed in bed. Not a day to have a death grip on the computer desk while my fevered mind tries to make sense of the words on the screen.

Nope. This is an UP day.

For reasons only known to the Creator of the Universe, I have come to work a veritable happy production machine — stranger still because the last hour of sleep this morning was fitful.

Oh yes, drag myself to the couch, apple pie and coffee (not eating clean but tasty) and our cat along for the ride to shed on all the food. One day I am convinced I’ll be the first human to cough up a cat hairball.

But then something strange happened and a ‘black swan’ day started. And here I am stumbling through typing this entry.

Does anyone else have trouble typing when your experiencing pseudo-mania? I’m fast but sloppy and the backspace key is my best friend.

Digressing! I know I rapid c


Well four out of five ain’t bad

ycle but as I wrote before, my cycles are ridiculous.

I tried explaining this to a co-worker. She smiles and nods and agrees with me that the brain is a mysterious organ. “I could see you were a bit chipper today,” she said.

No one calls me chipper before 10 a.m.

One thing I have noticed in this state besides heightened mood and activity is that I’m even more hyper-vigilant than normal. But this kind of hyper-vigilance is not looking for Mr. Trouble but for expanded opportunities to do things.

I just sent my boss an email and wrote “don’t worry, I’ve got this.”

And then I hit send.

I should ask her if she wants me to wax her car.

THAT ladies and gentlemen, is a small slice of mania.

It may end by noon. I never know.

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