Ah Geez, Not Baseball

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We’re leaving for a Pirates game in a little over and hour and I feel ambivalent to say the least.

It may be a sign of my condition that I really don’t feel like going but I have to. It’s knitting day of some kind and two people means two goody bags. When I get mine, I just hand it over to my wife and she’s over the moon.

I grew up with the crappy Cleveland Indians but that was OK because I went for the camaraderie with friends I used to have. The tickets were cheap, the stadium was spacious and the beer was, OK, warm a lot but when your with your mates. who cares? Hey, I even went on a blind double date one time (May 15, 1981) and was lucky enough to see Len Barker pitch a perfect game for the Tribe.

Now the Indians are great and I live in Pittsburgh where the Pirates are moderately crappy. So we go for the beautiful ballpark, the views and. . .that’s about it.

I’m tired, my throat hurts and the Penguin playoff game is a 3 p.m. Baseball starts at 1 p.m. Downtown traffic will be a mess. I’m not driving so there’s that.

My wife is hacking up a lung but there’s free yarn in the deal and the tickets have been paid for. So we’re going.

A big storm front should be moving in around the fourth inning. When we plan on leaving anyway so we can get home and watch hockey (yes, Pittsburgh is the ultimate sports town). So there’s the threat of a downpour walking across the Roberto Clemente Bridge.

It sucks to be me sometimes. I used to get so geared up over going to a game in person and now it’s just – meh.

And at my age, and I hate to admit it, baseball bores me. There I said it.

Yes, I’ll be one of those fans I used to mock, sitting in one of the best ballparks in America staring into my smart phone. I deserve mocking and ridicule. I don’t care. And there’s a lazy slider across the plate for strike two. Boring.

If I go to see any sport in person it would be hockey. Hockey is ideal – far more action that baseball or football and nice gaps between periods to piss and get hot dogs. We don’t have basketball here so I can’t comment on that but I would say when I went to Cavs games the action was pretty fun and there were three piss and dog breaks but they’re not as long as hockey.

But hockey tickets are beaucoup expensive.

So between injecting coffee in my veins, I have about an hour to prepare for something I used to enjoy.

But there’s free yarn! Huzzah.

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2 Responses to Ah Geez, Not Baseball

  1. Curious–how was the game? Did you enjoy it more/less/or about as much as you expected?


    • kegbot1 says:

      I was at the beginning of a sickness that put me on my ass Monday and all day Tuesday. And all the rain at the game didn’t help. But my wife won more yarn at the game and that’s all that really mattered. The Pirates scored their one run after we left and went on to win.

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