Take that flag (and all it represents) and shove it

I just can’t take it anymore.


Yes, exactly like this.

Last night I quit the Red Mustang Registry Facebook group. I saw one too many Confederate flags. And let’s make a distinction – it was the cross of St. Andrew battle flag, NOT the official flag of the CSA, known as the ‘Stars and Bars.’ Most redneck hicks wouldn’t know the difference anyway and it doesn’t matter to them. That flag stands for all their collective hates and fears.

So, the flag was on the back of a Mustang’s license plate. I called it “that Goddamned flag,” which, as you can imagine, started a shitstorm. I knew then and there I was leaving the group so I didn’t care. I let ‘em have it. Of course, I was ‘triggered’ and I suggested the commenter could trigger something else on the business end of a .45.

Yeah, buddy.

Another defender of the traitor flag had the US flag as his Facebook banner. I asked him which one he loved and served. Silence. Yeah, fuck your heritage asshole.

I was even threatened with being ‘SWAT-ted’ for being such a ‘violent liberal.’ I can only imagine what they thought when I wrote the SWAT team had already been to my house once.

Im-with-stupid-confederate-flagYou know what – I DO look down on you. I do it because you deserve it. Yes, I’m an elitist and damn proud of it. In America, it is now a sign of patriotism and a badge of honor to be stupid. I refuse to be stupid.

(Yeah, I know you don’t burn your draft cards in Muskogee. You just fuck your cousins).

Last night, the fascist in the White House pardoned Sheriff Joe and signed the order banning transgender people from the military – all while a superstorm was bearing down on the Texas coast.

Trump, you are a piece of shit. And if you support this vile, excretable bigot, so are you. Fuck off.


I made this point on my radio show once. No wonder I was fired. Wouldn’t take it back then or now.

Just do me one favor – pick the flag you want to fetishize as a deity – the American or the Confederate battle flag. Because there’s enough flag worship going on that, as a nation, we should only deal with one. I thought we were only dealing with one anyway. But the Nazi flag is popping up here and there too, so maybe we have three flags.

(You know why Alabamans use their fingers and toes to count to 10? Because they can’t use their teeth. Butthurt yet?)

America, you are one sick puppy. Maybe you’ve always been, just beneath the surface.

You weren’t expecting this kind of column, were you? Am I off my meds? Not at all. Just mad. And I’ve had it up to here with what is happening in my country. Of all the -isms you can name the one I can’t abide in the least is fascism – because that’s where all the other ‘isms’ come together. But make no mistake – that is the ism that is now stalking the masses.

I hate Nazis. I hate fascists. Henry Ford was a fascist. So was Charles Lindbergh. But they’re America heroes. Funny that.

I have had to admit to myself that I probably will not join a real gym for powerlifting nor go back into Jiu Jitsu. Ask yourself – how many people even a little right of center are involved in both those endeavors? I would put my money down, work hard and then reach a point where I couldn’t take the locker room chatter anymore and leave. Five years ago, no. But now, yes.

I cannot and will not countenance this (for the semi-illiterate hicks and Trump supporters out there, countenance: as a verb, admit as acceptable or possible, i.e. “he was reluctant to countenance the use of force.”). I use a lot of twenty-dollar words. I am agnostic and do not go to church. Do not pray for me. But if you wish to make me and others like me a receptacle for your hate, feel free. Just understand that I will always, always, always be able to destroy you in a fair debate.


Substitute wife for daughter

And, surprisingly, I probably own more firearms than you. Molon labe, you Nazi fucks.

Last Thanksgiving, innumerable articles were written about how to deal with your fill-in-your-most appropriate ‘-ist’ family’s Trump supporters around the table. In most cases, avoidance, or an uneasy truce was the solution many chose. Those days are over. Just as in the last Civil War, families are being torn asunder and friendships cashiered, probably forever.

If my parents were still alive, I’m sure I wouldn’t be speaking to either of them.

There is no neutrality here. You are either for it or against it (like George W. Bush told the rest of the world post 9-11). To paraphrase Lincoln, into your hands my dissatisfied fellow countrymen, the future of our nation rests. If you choose fascism, the last 241 years of the American experiment were for nothing.

Just Do it Nazis Facebook (1)

No, nothing THIS bad. Yet.

I have 163 Facebook friends. Of those, 89 are in the restricted pen, meaning they can only see what I post publicly and I follow none of them, so I can’t see anything they post unless I specifically look for it.

Why don’t I simply unfriend them? Because, as I always say, I find such people fascinating. When it comes to their stupidity, hate and madness, I want to see how far down the rabbit hole goes, so to speak.


Link to fascist sites and commenters? Gone

Wave your faith around as a weapon and justification for your hate? Gone

Racist, sexist, homophobe? Gone

Blather on about the ‘thin blue line’ and fetishize cops? Gone

Engage in ‘whataboutism?’ Gone

But I will peek in from time to time and check out your ravings. I can’t help myself. You’re my incubated test subjects. Many of you I went to Catholic school with (the sorriest lot of all, but I shouldn’t be surprised). If you, as a control group, are inclined to believe something, it’s a sure bet the rest of the mindless authoritarian morons out there believe it too. You are my canary in the coal mine.


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