December Showers


Yeah, we’re thrilled

So how’s the showering going? Well, about as one might expect. Fixing the hot water heater on my own (yea, me!) guaranteed I wouldn’t have any excuse not to clean up but the only thing that really gets me into the shower is my hair.

Maintaining baldness when you’re still growing hair requires constant maintenance, especially with a beard. My wife got me a beard care kit so I wouldn’t look so ‘Grizzly Adams’ for those of you who remember the show. The biggest thing in keeping the noggin bare of hair is shaving.

I don’t want to shave my head every day since it adds about 15 minutes to the shower and nicks and cuts to my scalp (most of them minor). So I wait until it’s almost too long to shave with a razor.

And in I go.


Seriously, what would you do?

The last time I was in the shower, I found that my wife had constructed a monument of sorts, of all the soap chips and my almost used up bars and molded them right next to my one used bar of Irish Spring.

I should use that clump of discarded soap shards, I told myself. But I didn’t. You know what can happen – the conglomerate lump gets wet and the shards start falling off again. So you either have to bend over to pick them up or risk slipping on them and killing yourself.

Besides, my wife is closer to the ground so having her pick them up is less than a chore. She’s a good green conservationist, so let her have the satisfaction of stretching the soap supply.

And she’s also cheap.


Oh bullcrap – you first.

Anyway, the worst part of showering nowadays is the cold snap. No matter how high I turn the thermostat up to, coming out the shower I feel like I’m stepping into an ice cave. So I grab the blow dryer and stand there for a while just keeping warm.

Eventually I crawl into clothes or a bathrobe. It’s rough because lately I’ve been dealing with a high degree of anxiety and EVERYWHERE seems cold but especially the house.

Last night I went to bed at 7:30 and fell asleep fast. This is not normal.

Perhaps the reader thinks taking a shower will help me fall asleep faster and have better sleep. And. . . you would be . . . .half right.

Yes, I would fall asleep probably quickly and comfortably but I’ve found no matter how many pillows I wrap around my head (this started when I lived in a cockroach-infested college dorm), I wake up with a headache and the sniffles. So I have to go to bed dry.

In case you’re wondering – I try to make it to the weekend before taking the plunge.


This is brilliant

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