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An open letter to my dead father

Trigger warning: lots of them; read at your own risk. That young boy without a name anywhere I’d know his face.  In this city the kid’s my favorite.  I’ve seen him. I see him every day.  Seen him run outside … Continue reading

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"And the Union workhouses." demanded Scrooge. "Are they still in operation?"

Everyone’s talking Trump and the election and either it’s a new day in America or the doorstep of Armageddon. I don’t mean to sound crass, but I predicted Trump would win the day he announced – with the caveat: if … Continue reading

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Suicidal Ideation? Keep your mouth shut!

I’ve just read something that has made me so mad, I’ve actually gotten chest pains and shortness of breath. A University Is Threatening to Punish Students Who Discuss Their Suicidal Thoughts With Friends The school is Northern Michigan University. The … Continue reading

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God Help the Sensitive Child

I hate the world today. . . Collateral damage of America’s bully culture Another of these stories – another dead child – a nine-year-old suicide-by-bullying. Make sure you read the local story which is linked to the Daily Mail. This … Continue reading

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Telling Stories and Telling Lies

While waiting for my shrink the other day, I ran across this story in Psychology Today and found it fascinating for many reasons: Rewrite Your Life It begins with one of the authors (Susan Gregory Thomas) learning her biracial daughter … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Want to Die – A Confession After 46 Years

A bucket of oil, much like this one – it was blue too. I was a kid other kids naturally (it seemed) picked on. Not trying to make a value judgment or anything, it just was. Why? I think like … Continue reading

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