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December Showers

So how’s the showering going? Well, about as one might expect. Fixing the hot water heater on my own (yea, me!) guaranteed I wouldn’t have any excuse not to clean up but the only thing that really gets me into … Continue reading

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Vanilla Shit, mostly

Once again, today is almost a polar opposite of yesterday. I’m not necessarily depressed, just subdued and tired. I can’t explain it to anyone adequately. I don’t really understand how it happens myself; all I know is that if I … Continue reading

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Psychiatry R Us

I went to see my drug pusher today. She has a nice office, of course, in a nice building and she has a lot of pretty professional plaques on the wall and a special chair given to her by the … Continue reading

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Sell it and they will come. . .

So many books! I should really write a book. This blog is intended someday to become a memoir. If it doesn’t, I’m OK with that. The writing is more therapy than anything. But the more I look for books on … Continue reading

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September Song

It’s September and It’s National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Don’t get me started. . . BFD So you may ask: why so sarcastic. Here’s two stories that buttress that sarcasm: She didn’t kill herself but it illustrates a larger point: … Continue reading

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Running out of bullshit

I performed one of my little Facebook experiments a week or so ago and just got around to writing it now. Part of me (and not my condition) is wrapping myself up in righteous indignation at what I see is … Continue reading

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