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September of my Years

One day you turn around and it’s summer Next day you turn around and it’s fall And the springs and the winters of a lifetime Whatever happened to them all? – Frank Sinatra I never thought about getting old until … Continue reading

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The Rise of a New Savior

“By their fruits ye shall know them” — Matthew 7:16-20 *** White evangelicals were so key for Trump that, had no white evangelicals voted, Clinton would have won in a landslide, 59 percent to 35 percent. – The Washington Post … Continue reading

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Not Fade Away

Prelude: my ‘discipline’ handed down to me today was a written reprimand which is 1-2 steps away from a firing. After all the star-chamber proceedings all they had was what I said in jest originally to another co-worker. I’m going … Continue reading

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Requiem for my father

I think in a way my father was lucky to have succumbed of lymphoma at 51. Never mind, for the time being, that he was grossly misdiagnosed by a doctor who said the painful palpable lump on his neck was … Continue reading

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No Victim

Read into it what you will My therapist struck a nerve today. I wasn’t upset with her, really. She was trying to help. But she hit one of my buttons. She asked “how much of your problem is that you … Continue reading

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A Month of Mental Health, An Eternity of Suicide

There seems to be a lot of chatter on the Interwebs today about suicide, quite possibly an offshoot of Mental Health Awareness Month or whatever they’re calling it this year.  Have I written lately about how cynical I am about … Continue reading

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Why Men Die Younger

Since a good deal of this blog will be about mental illness (with a specific focus on men), I look for articles that broach the subject. So we’ll interrupt the Family Vacation Saga for an article from a magazine I … Continue reading

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