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I Am (not) A Rock

Part of the life of most bipolar people is regretting not living the life they could have lived. In most respects this is caused by the illness – the inability to make a keep friends, jobs, other social contacts. But … Continue reading

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It’s a big day for this hashtag on Twitter. You can find the movement at It’s designed to help young people speak out about mental illness and hopefully break down the stigma which leads to self-harm and suicide. If … Continue reading

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September Song

It’s September and It’s National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Don’t get me started. . . BFD So you may ask: why so sarcastic. Here’s two stories that buttress that sarcasm: She didn’t kill herself but it illustrates a larger point: … Continue reading

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One Way Out

I had a pretty heavy session with my shrink today. She agrees my job is killing me. She wants me to find a way to quit. I’m supposed to talk it over with my wife. I’m wondering what kind of … Continue reading

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How I Got Blacklisted by NAMI

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness, which is great place to build a career, if you know what I mean) has a program for the mentally unbalanced like me to go and give testimonies (and free advertising for NAMI). Unless … Continue reading

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