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An open letter to my dead father

Trigger warning: lots of them; read at your own risk. That young boy without a name anywhere I’d know his face.  In this city the kid’s my favorite.  I’ve seen him. I see him every day.  Seen him run outside … Continue reading

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How I Got My Parents to Buy A Color TV

I shudder to think of what could have happened. What happened was bad enough. Of course, you know I was a curious child, which has gotten me in trouble ever since. And my dad, a Korean War Marine MP knew … Continue reading

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Nostalgia or Reality? The Travails of Someone Who Remembers Too Much

I wanted to write something light today, maybe a story from my younger years not punctuated by my father’s threats of violence or my mother’s benign neglect. In short, without the grand hand-wringing mess of angst this blog has, unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Tears in the Rain

One afternoon in the first grade, I was on the bus heading home. I was about to learn a lesson in responsibility, actions and consequences but I didn’t know it. It was, as has been the case in much of … Continue reading

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God Help the Sensitive Child

I hate the world today. . . Collateral damage of America’s bully culture Another of these stories – another dead child – a nine-year-old suicide-by-bullying. Make sure you read the local story which is linked to the Daily Mail. This … Continue reading

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Post No Bull

I spent a good deal of time writing a new post that would have appeared here about. . . now. It was an experimental post that encouraged you, dear reader, to find me disgusting. Sort of a George Constanza reverse … Continue reading

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It doesn’t grow on trees . . .it comes from the loan arranger (where’s Tonto?)

Around 25 years ago, I had a therapist call my parents something along the lines of ‘double-dealing cheap, four flushers.’ I was quite upset with her for that and mounted a backhanded defense of my parents.  Sure they let money … Continue reading

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