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The Monsters

I’m home today having thrown my back out moving furniture. I would not say that I am bored but I’m pretty much couch-bound because I need to go back to work tomorrow as things were left hanging that require my … Continue reading

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September of my Years

One day you turn around and it’s summer Next day you turn around and it’s fall And the springs and the winters of a lifetime Whatever happened to them all? – Frank Sinatra I never thought about getting old until … Continue reading

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Funeral for a friend

My best friend in high school died over the holiday. He was my age.  I hadn’t spoken to him since May of 2005 and I distinctly remember the phone call. Frank apparently died alone in his apartment in Florida and … Continue reading

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The Manifesto of the Disturbed Person or Making a Friend of Death

Warning: this is a long one. Pour yourself a drink and settle in.  ‘Have you now or ever talked about putting pins in outlets as a kid? I had my interrogation yesterday (background here). The HR prick had talked to … Continue reading

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The Default Emotion is ‘Meh’ — Life Without Passion

One of the problems with this mental condition is losing enthusiasm for things I used to enjoy. Over a period of time, I seem to have lost my former passions for the following: ’71 Ike non-silver dollar. Worth $1 but … Continue reading

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