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Nowhere Man

OK, I will stay out of your conversation. When I come in and L is there, we exchange perfunctory ‘good mornings’ and then, perhaps some brief weather talk and that’s it – silence, punctuated by the soft tapping of computer … Continue reading

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A dog’s tale

Not sure how this is going to go over — ed.  Let’s say you have a dog. It’s a rescue dog. This pooch had been abused as a puppy by its previous owner and then grew up to be passed … Continue reading

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Recovery is a myth

I always love going to the ‘hip mentally ill media,’ i.e. The Mighty, OC87 Recovery Diaries, etc., and reading these stories from media people about their ‘recovery’ from some mental illness or another. In the story, hyperlinked above, Liz Spikol … Continue reading

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I Have A Little List

I have a piece of paper hanging taped to the support beam on my side desk.  Not MY petition but A petition I’m debating the good it does. It’s a debate that will go on for a while.’ The paper … Continue reading

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Goodbye to all that

First, an announcement.  I think it is best for my own mental health at this point to drastically cut back my participation on Facebook. There are several reasons for this that I won’t bore you with but I would say … Continue reading

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The relationship between myself and shrink 29 is over.  After 35+ years of psychotherapy or whatever you want to call it, she convinced me that whatever happens now or in the future, it’s all my fault. I have been weighed … Continue reading

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The Manifesto of the Disturbed Person or Making a Friend of Death

Warning: this is a long one. Pour yourself a drink and settle in.  ‘Have you now or ever talked about putting pins in outlets as a kid? I had my interrogation yesterday (background here). The HR prick had talked to … Continue reading

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