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Send my regrets

This one is purely personal. So this morning, home because of the weather, I watched last night’s This is Us. And I found out my second cousin who I went to high school with had died. I hadn’t seen him … Continue reading

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Am I Dead But I Don’t Know It?

But I still like Randy Newman I have nothing left to sayBut I’m gonna say it anyway*I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the fact that I rarely listen anymore to the music I grew up with and, up … Continue reading

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When Anxiety Overrides Anticipation or Surviving Springsteen

It’s becoming more difficult lately to put a smile on my face, I’ll grant you that.  I look at most of the blogs in Pittsburgh Bloggers which I write alongside and other blogs of this type and I see most … Continue reading

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Turn the %#&*# Noise Down

I can sympathize One of the more irritating ‘little’ things about my condition is noise sensitivity. I don’t think this topic gets talked about or studied as much as it should. Perhaps it’s because for most people, they can’t imagine … Continue reading

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