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Geez, knees

It’s been awhile and I suppose I should write something.   Still here in exile in Dixie for 40 more days. I’m thoroughly tired of Confederate flags, ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ license plates and a general feeling that people here … Continue reading

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Settle Down Francis

Yes, yes, yes and.  .  . yes. Indicative of the strain I’m under (and admittedly not handling well), ‘bad Keith’ came out on the blog last night and went into manic posting mode which last reared it’s head around 10 … Continue reading

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Turn the %#&*# Noise Down

I can sympathize One of the more irritating ‘little’ things about my condition is noise sensitivity. I don’t think this topic gets talked about or studied as much as it should. Perhaps it’s because for most people, they can’t imagine … Continue reading

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