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Podcast 3: Emily Sheerer Cutler

  Podcast 3 is up at this link in Simplecast Interview with Emily Sheerer Cutler of including two personal segments. Emily is concerned with the civil rights of people who are regarded as having mental illness. She opposes instances … Continue reading

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Podcast 2 one more time!

  In case you haven’t checked out my podcast, here is the link I did with Alex last weekend. I have another extra-special guest I will be interviewing this weekend and the podcast should be up later afternoon Sunday (US … Continue reading

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Clay’s Latest Depression Comix

via 390 — depression comix

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The Darkness

Let’s get real a little bit here and consider The Darkness. The Darkness is what I call the times when the emotions of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) meld together like the screams of several wild animals, followed by either disassociated … Continue reading

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Facebooking Borderline

I haven’t written much lately because I recently joined a Facebook group for people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Let me tell you a little about this group and the people in it. Demographics: Roughly 95% female Age distribution: Under … Continue reading

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Unnatural life

I threw a party yesterday. And this morning, I am recovering. There’s an expression about ‘feeling all of (add your own number) years. And I get that. But even at 54, for the amount of physical labor I performed preparing … Continue reading

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Ah Geez, Not Baseball

We’re leaving for a Pirates game in a little over and hour and I feel ambivalent to say the least. It may be a sign of my condition that I really don’t feel like going but I have to. It’s … Continue reading

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