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The Origins of a Crippling Fear

I was talking to my supervisor this morning. She went on a family camping trip over the weekend and now is sore. Her family had struck out from their campsite, exploring the nature preserve and saw some interesting land formations, … Continue reading

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A Christmas Story, or a Gift Only I Could Love (1972)

So huddle around the Trump Dumpster Fire and I’ll tell you a personal true story of a Christmas 45 years ago. Yes, I am old. On Christmas Eve we were in the car headed for my paternal grandparent’s house next … Continue reading

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Am I Dead But I Don’t Know It?

But I still like Randy Newman I have nothing left to sayBut I’m gonna say it anyway*I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the fact that I rarely listen anymore to the music I grew up with and, up … Continue reading

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It doesn’t grow on trees . . .it comes from the loan arranger (where’s Tonto?)

Around 25 years ago, I had a therapist call my parents something along the lines of ‘double-dealing cheap, four flushers.’ I was quite upset with her for that and mounted a backhanded defense of my parents.  Sure they let money … Continue reading

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The Touching Story of a Child and His Shotgun

A month after I turned 13, my father gave me a shotgun as a Christmas present. It was, and remains, a youth model Winchester single-shot 20-gauge. Perfect home defense weapon if you use it like a club It was not … Continue reading

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. . . and your mother dresses you funny

Kevin Arnold’s Wonder Years began in 1968.  You might remember him So did mine.  Let me set the scene where I was so you understand why I spent years trying to convince my parents to move back to where we … Continue reading

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